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Life insurance can help your loved ones deal with the financial impact of your death. The death benefit paid from a life insurance policy is a tax-free, lump-sum amount that can be used to pay of anything your family needs; like paying off debits, household expenses, funeral cost, college tuition or a much needed vacation. 

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Who needs Life Insurance?

Breadwinner – Life insurance can provide income replacement so that your family can continue to pay everyday expenses.

Divorced Parent – A policy could cover the support payments that a divorced parent makes.

Stay at Home Parent  - Life insurance would cover the cost of paying for services the parent does for “free” such as child care.

Parent of a Special-Needs Child  - Life insurance can make sure the child will have financial support no matter when a parent dies.

Someone with Co-signed Debts, Student Loans, Credit Card Debts – Life insurance could cover the cost of the debt.

Homeowners with a Mortgage – The life insurance payout would cover the cost of your mortgage so your family can remain in their home.

People Concerned about paying for their own Funeral Expenses –Life insurance policies can pay for your funeral and final expenses.

Someone who wants to provide an Inheritance – Life insurance can provide an inheritance to your heir.

Business Owners – Life insurance can pay off business debts, help heirs pay off estate taxes or it can fund a buy-sell agreement that allows a business partner to buy out your shares.

High Net Worth Individuals – Life insurance can provide funds for heirs to pay estate or inheritance taxes.

Investor who has maxed out other Retirement Plans – Life insurance with a cash value component can provide a supplemental source of retirement income. 

As you can see many of us need life insurance.  I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Please book an appointment with me.

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